Nine eleven

At approximately 4:06 pm on 9/11

ABC's Peter Jennings

featured a News Exclusive

with Kevin Sutabee

who had shot video of ground zero

an hour earlier

At the end of the clip

we see the facade of the lobby

of the South Tower

-still standing-

the tallest thing around

How can a 110 story building collapse

'into its own footprint'

and leave the facade of its lobby

still standing?



by JUDY WOOD, B.S., M.S., PhD. p.114

The ambulance, parked at street level,

is a visual gage to determine

the small amount of debris

We also see part of the lower wall

of WTC 1 -the North Tower-

still standing



Firefighter -Captain Jay Jonas-

one of 14 firefighters trapped

in stairwell B of the north tower

I know exactly where ground zero was.

It was the B stairway of the north tower,

thats exactly Ground Zero.

Thats the geographic centre

of that building

and I was in the middle of that

...a beam of sunshine

hit the stairway.

I looked and said

"Guys there used to be

106 floors above us

and now I'm seeing sunshine"

they're like "what?"

I said there's nothing above us

that building doesn't exist

So I make my way up to the hole

I poke my head out

and I couldn't believe what I saw

I couldn't believe it.

The first thing I saw

was that corner facade

that was still standing

and I was looking at it

I said, "I can't believe this

this is unbelievable."



Where did WTC 4 go?







The destruction of WTCs

4 and 6 is not mentioned

in the many 'alternative'

discussions of the events of 9/11

The destruction could not be caused

by a collapse nor from falling debris

Could it be that the destruction

of WTCs 4 and 6 does not 'fit'

the "controlled demolition" narrative?

Emergency Medical Technician

Michael Ober does not understand

why he cannot remember the sound

of a building hitting the ground

"I don't remember the sound

of the building hitting the ground

somebody told me that it was measured

on the Richter scale

I don't know how true that is

If the building is hitting the ground

that hard how do I not remember

the sound of it?"

This is a significant statement

Each of the WTC towers was 500,000 tons

or the equivalent of 50,000

full ten-ton dump trucks

If 50,000 full dump trucks

crashed to the ground,

some dropping from over

1/4 mile above the earth

certainly there would be

a very loud crashing sound

that would shake the ground


When the National Construction

Safety Team (NCST) Advisory Committee

met via teleconference on

Thursday, December 14, 2006,

from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

the following statement

as we have seen

was made by Dr. Shyam Sunder

about the WTC1 and WTC2

seismic signals:

The signals' strength

due to the collapse of the towers

were not of any magnitude

that was seismically significant

from an earthquake design standpoint

or from the design or a failure

of a structural component

or I would say of a piping system

that might be used in a structure

so ah there wasn't anything

that gave us pause in terms of that

being a significant seismic event

to have ruptured the pipeline

That is, as part of the official

investigation of WTC7,

it was determined that pipelines

passing under the WTC complex

and entering WTC7

would not have been ruptured

because the "collapse"

of WTC1 and WTC2

were not significant seismic events.

That is, two 500,000-ton buildings,

each over a quarter mile tall,

slammed to the ground

and yet did not cause

a significant seismic event

that would damage the pipelines

under the WTC complex.

But then an overwhelmingly

important question occurs:

Why would the destruction

stop at ground level?


The concourse/mall area

directly under the WTC:




The parking/delivery level

- one level below the concourse/mall.


Ask Richard Gage of

Architects and Engineers

for 9/11 Truth:

How stairwell B

-in the geographic centre

of WTC 1- is not buried

under the debris of 106 floors

of office building

How the facades of the lobbies

of WTC's 1 and 2 are still standing

and not under 106 stories of debris

from 'collapsed' buildings.

How the main part of WTC 4

could disappear

How the hole in WTC 6 is the result of

the controlled demolition of WTC 1.

Or how the lower wall of WTC 1

could still be standing.

And finally...

why the destruction stopped at ground level.


Pentagon eye witness,

Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski

PhD, U.S. Air Force (ret)

was working in the Pentagon

on 9/11 in her capacity

as Political-Military Affairs Officer

in the Office of

the Secretary of Defence

when American Airlines flight 77

allegedly hit the Pentagon.

Lt. Col. Kwiatkowski stated:

The facade had a rather small hole

no larger than 20 feet in diameter

although this facade later collapsed

it remained standing

for 30 or 40 minutes

with the roof line

remaining relatively straight.

The scene -in short-

was not what I would have expected

from a strike by a large jetliner

It was -however- exactly

what one would expect

if a missile

had struck the Pentagon.

CNN broadcast segment beginning at 5:08 pm,

@ 6:15 into the clip

reporter Jamie McIntyre's

earlier interview -with USA Today Live-

reporter Mike Walter

was broadcast

Walter described the Pentagon impact-

It was like a cruise missile

with wings went right there

and slammed right into the Pentagon

huge explosion

great ball of fire

smoke started billowing out

At approximately 7:57 into the segment, Walter states,

I got out and walked over

and I saw parts of the plane

-the debris was actually

on the overpass there

the debris, is at the point of impact

Walter's description,

parts of the plane, the debris...on the overpass

is in contradiction to his statement

and slammed right into the Pentagon.

Either Walter witnessed

an impact of the Pentagon

or a crash on the overpass

An impact of the Pentagon

leaving debris on the overpass

as Walter states

violates the laws of physics

Walter's report is ficticious

Fox News broadcast segment

beginning at 4:09 pm,

@ 29:40 into the clip

Aziz El Hallan

a Pentagon "eyewitness"

is interviewed.

The interviewer states that El Hallan

was driving to work with his girlfriend.

Jus around 9:08 - 9:15

jus hitting the 110 South

actually North.

The time of the impact

of the Pentagon- 9:37-9:38

means El Hallen is at the Pentagon,

20+ minutes

prior to the alleged impact

El Hallen describes the alleged

impact of the Pentagon:

Kind of the Pentagon

sucked in the airplane

so we didn't see anymore parts

or any pieces of the airplane

El Hallan's description

violates the laws of physics

A building cannot -suck in-

an airliner leaving no

part or pieces of the airplane

at the point of impact

El Hallan stated that the alleged plane

was probably flying

around 60 to 70 yards

on top of my car

At the end of the clip

El Hallan alleges to have a piece

of the 'airplane'

Meaning the alleged plane

began to breakup

while still flying

60 to 70 yards in the air

El Hallen's report is fictitious

Maj General Albert Stubblebine

Two Star General US Army (RET)

an expert on image analysis

Stubblebine states

The plane does not fit in that hole

So what DID hit the Pentagon

What hit it

The Pentagon was not hit by an airliner

In 2006 FoxNews interviewed

Professor Morgan Reynolds

professor emeritus

at Texas A&M University

chief economist

for the US Labor Department on 9/11

Profesor Reynolds states

The two American Airlines flights

for example though

were not even in the

Bureau of Transportation Statistics database

Not in the Bureau of Transportation Statistics database

means that no flight plans were filed

American Airlines flights 11 and 77

did not fly on September 11, 2001

There is no evidence

at the scene of the alleged impact

to substantiate the claim

that the Pentagon

was hit by an airliner

There is evidence

to substantiate the claim

that the Pentagon

was hit by a missile

'Who' fired the missile

at the Pentagon

Would 'Arab terrorists'

have the ability

to fire a cruise missile

at the Pentagon


An article published in the

Santa Fe Mexican

July 7 1996 titled

Germany's Top Guns

is evidence of fighter/bombers

belonging to a foreign state

licenced to carry

hot weapons

stationed in the US

The article states

The Tornados the pilots the ground crew

they're all a part of the first

and only foreign military base

on U.S. soil

the facility will become

the Luftwaffe's

'top gun'

training center

where their best pilots

train other pilots

rotating through the base

from German air bases

At Holloman

German pilots

have the opportunity

to fly low-level missions

using live weapons

"Using these weapons

is something we really

cannot do in Europe..."

There are too few ranges

where you can employ

hot weapons

Sowada dismissed rumours

that the Luffwaffe

is part of a conspiracy

to invade the United States

as 'ridiculous'

and the result

of the media's

need to liven up

the typically slow news days

of the summer

with controversy

Evidence that a very fast

low level military plane

was monitored on radar

heading in the direction

of Washington

moments before the alleged

airliner impact of the Pentagon

is given by

two air traffic controllers

The speed

the maneuverability

the way that he turned

we all thought

in the radar room

all of us experienced air traffic controllers

that that was a military plane...

You don't fly a 757

in that manner

It's unsafe

This must be a fighter

This must be one of our guys

sent in


to patrol our capital

and to protect our president

and we sat back in our chairs

and breathed

for just a second

We lost radar contact with that aircraft

And we waited

And we waited

And your heart

is just beating

out of your chest


to hear what's happened

And then

the Washington National Airport controllers

came over our speakers

...and said

"Dulles hold all of our inbound traffic

The Pentagon's been hit"

Danielle O'Brien

- Air Traffic Controller

Dulles Tower Washington DC

On duty the morning of 9/11/01

Dateline NBC Interview 9/11/02

Todd Lewis: One of my colleagues

saw a primary target

moving quite fast

from northwest to the southeast

So we all started watching that target

and she notified the supervisor

But nobody knew

that was a commercial flight

at the time

Nobody knew that was American 77

Tom Brokaw: What did you think

it was a military flight of some kind

Todd Lewis I thought it was a military flight

I thought that Langley

had scrambled some fighters

and maybe one of them got up there

Tom Brokaw It was really moving fast

Todd Lewis It was moving very fast

like a military aircraft might move

at a low altitude

Todd Lewis - Air Traffic Controller

Dulles Tower Washington DC

On duty the morning of 9/11/01

Lewis' comment

Nobody knew that was American 77

given a year after 9/11

does not come

from authentic documents

as evidenced by

Professor Morgan Renyolds

on the FoxNews clip presented above

it comes from exposure

to media sources

The Luftwaffe is within US territory

is licenced to carry hot weapons

the pilot trainers

were an exclusive core

of the best

does not prove

that the missile

which hit the Pentagon

was fired by the Luftwaffe

stationed in New Mexico

It does however

give conclusive evidence

of the ABILITY

of the Luftwaffe

to launch the missile

attack on the Pentagon

from within US territory.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff

have committed

High Treason

as evidenced by

the above text

and images

The Joint Chiefs of Staff

have extensive intelligence

gathering capabilities

the information presented here

comes from publicly

available material

media is/has focussed on

lack of coordination

between the military/CIA

as THE problem

On ABC's News segment

beginning at 3:28 pm

host Peter Jennings,

interrupts reporter

George Stehpanopoulos

to receive a call

from reporter Ann Compton

who we are informed

has been travelling

with the President

aboard Air Force One.

Compton states they have just landed

at Offut Air Force Base

home of Strategic Command

and that the President

has gone down the

rabbit hole

to a secure bunker

where he will chair

a national security council meeting

by teleconference


The map identifying the location

of President Bush

on the afternoon of 9/11

at Offut Air Force Base

was broadcast

-at approximately 1:13 into the clip

ABC's News segment beginning at 3:28 pm on 9/11

The emblem identifying

Offut Air Force Base

is a blue and silver Iron Cross

The Iron Cross

is a cross symbol

typically in black

with a white or silver outline

that originated after 1219

when the Kingdom of Jerusalem

granted the Teutonic Order

the right to combine

the Teutonic Black Cross

placed above

a silver Cross of Jerusalem source

Combining the Teutonic Iron Cross

with the silver Cross of Jerusalem

placed the Kingdom of Jerusalem

under the direct protection

of the Teutonic Knights

-a sovereign military order

answering to the Pope


Hermann von Salza served

as the fourth Grand Master

of the Teutonic Knights (1209 to 1239)

In 1525, Albert of Brandenburg,

the Teutonic Knight's Grand Master

of the theocratic state of Prussia


and converted to Lutheranism

becoming Duke of Prussia

as a vassal of Poland

The Teutonic Knights

who remained in Prussia

became the Junker class

- land owning aristocracy

Knights remaining loyal to the Pope

settled in the southern

catholic German states

In 1862, King Wilhelm I

appointed Otto von Bismarck

as Minister President of Prussia


Otto von Bismarck

Through war with Denmark and Austria

united the northern German states

into the Northern German Confederation

Bismarck then provoked France

into declaring war

on the Confederation

The southern catholic German States

aligned with the protestant

Northern Confederation

and defeated France

Bismarck succeeded in his ambition

to unite the German speaking states

excluding Austria

and founding

the German Empire

In doing so he also united

the protestant northern

Teutonic Knights/Junkers

with the southern

catholic Teutonic Knights

Hence the reintroduction

of the Iron Cross

as a military decoration

in 1871

to signify the reunion

of the Teutonic Knights

and the establishment

of the German Empire

With the loss of World War I

the Iron Cross was replaced

by the bar across.

Hitler revived the Iron Cross

with a Swastika

added in the centre


American industry -as documented-

was well established in Germany

producing vehicles steel and chemicals

for many years

Henry Ford received the Grand Cross

of the German Eagle

from Nazi officials in 1938.



American industries produced

trucks tanks and airplanes

in Germany for Hitler

and in America for America

and the allies

As corporate policy this arrangement

of supporting both sides

is similar to the policy of supporting

both political parties in elections source

Eisenhower and Patton

were both early proponents

of the expanded use of tanks

in warfare

Working together

after the First World War

they designed and tested

fast mobile tanks


the army was not happy

preferring slow tanks

which remained

with the infantry

Both Eisenhower and Patton

were threatened

with court martial

if they continued

or published

their material source

The military industrial complex

operating in the Third Reich


Eisenhower and Patton's

light fast attack tanks

which led Hitler's Blitzkrieg

against Poland and the

Western and Eastern fronts

so successfully


Eisenhower is standing

through the sunroof

of a new Mercedes

in his 1952 election victory motorcade

In 1956 the Iron Cross


its German military usage

as it became

the symbol

of the Bundeswehr

the modern German armed forces

The traditional design is black

and this design is used

on armored vehicles and aircraft


A newer design in blue and silver is used

as the emblem in other contexts source

other contexts?

When the Iron Cross

is represented

with a white or silver outline

it represents

the crusader state

the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem

In August 2001

(before the 9/11 terrorist attack)

The Philadelphia Trumpet

a Protestant magazine

published article

'The Last Crusade'

with opening lines

'Most people think the crusades

for Jerusalem

are a thing of the past

-over forever

They are wrong

Preparations are being made

for a final crusade

and it will be the bloodiest of all!' source

The word "crusade"

was used by US President George W. Bush

first on the day of the

September 11, 2001 attacks

quoted below

and on the national day of mourning

which honored the death

of the more than

3,000 victims of the attacks

He said that "this crusade

this war on terrorism

is going to take a while." source

The Teutonic Knights

are leading the crusade

to re-establish

the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem

as evidenced by the

blue and silver Iron Cross

signifying the location

of President Bush

at Offut Air Force Base

home of Strategic Command

and the Doomsday Bombers

False flags have been used

to inflame citizens

to participate in wars of aggression

for millennia

Operation Himmler was a false flag

directed at Poland by Germany

as propaganda

and an excuse to invade Poland

Britain and France used the incident

to declare war on Germany

initiating World War II

Plans for the Fourth Reich began

-as documented in

the Red House Report

in July 1944 when the collapse

of the Third Reich was imminent

The plan was to move liquid assets

from Germany

-to avoid seizure by the victors-

and capital equipment

back to Germany

before surrendering

in preparation for Germany's


after the war ended

The Fourth Reich

was to be an economic

-rather than a military empire

Germany's position

as the economic powerhouse

of the EU

-which itself is a German initiative

is evidence of the success

of the Fourth Reich

as an economic empire

The EU

-since the Maastricht treaty-

has been steered into becoming

what Angela Merkel herself

defined as Bundesrepublik Europa

the Federal Republic of Europe. source

The military industrial complex

of the Fourth Reich

was situated in America

with the election of Eisenhower

as evidenced by

his victory motorcade

American administrations

began overthrowing


elected governments

Iran in 1953 and Guatemala in 1954

establishing fascist regimes

This was the beginning

of more than 70 years

of aggression

by the military

industrial complex

lead by America

to either install dictators

or support dictators

facing popular uprisings

When the government

of East Germany

erected the 'Berlin Wall'

it was named

'The Anti Fascist Protective Rampart'

Not the

'Anti Capitalist Protective Rampart'

Russia defeated Hitler

at the expense of more than

25 million lives


as we have seen


was more than Hitler

The administration

of President Bush

under the Teutonic Knights


more than 3,000 Americans

in the false flag

9/11 terrorist attack

to provoke

the War on Terror

In doing so

openly bringing fascism

to America

and initiating wars

to bring about

the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem


Judy Wood PhD - court filings

Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski, eyewitness, Pentagon hit

Public archive of Network 'live' feeds on 9/11 began censoring

9/11 broadcast accessability

some years ago


a co-conspirator

in the 9/11 false flag

attack on the USA

Germany's Top Guns, Santa Fe Mexican

Dr Morgan Reynolds Fox News interview

Danielle O'Brien - Air Traffic Controller

Todd Lewis - Air Traffic Controller

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