Bank of England

The House of Rothschild is 'fussed'

to the Bank of England

beginning in earnest at the dawn

of the eighteenth century

Rothschilds were able to gather

coin and bank notes to deliver to

Wellington's campaign against Napolen

in Northern Spain

at a time when the Bank could not

The Crash of 1825 was an opportunity

for Rothschilds banks

to rescue the Bank of England

Rothschilds were able to send gold

to replenish what the Bank had lost

mainly through trade deficits

The Bank of England began acting as

a central bank in the mid-nineteenth century

becoming the 'model' for private

central banking

The Bank management observed the advantage

Rothschilds had when a single bank

is able to draw on the capital

of several banks at any given moment

The Bank for International Settlements

- the central bank for the world's

central banks - was created to facilitate

German reparation payments arising from

the Treaty of Versailles and to promote

central bank cooperation

The Bank of England is tied to the

Bank for International Settlements

as a founding bank

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